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Berthold Schadek

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„Risiko ist das, was übrig bleibt, wenn du glaubst, an alles gedacht zu haben.“- Carl Richards

Und weil eben keiner immer an alles denken kann, übernehmen wir für Sie genau die Bereiche, an die Sie nicht denken können, um das Risiko in Vermögens-, Erbschafts-, Steuer- und Vorsorgefragen so gering wie möglich zu halten.

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About Berthold Schadek

I was born on 27 May 1944 in Belchenthal, Alsace. When I first left school, I embarked on a career in the military-technical sector in which capacity I worked as an instructor of the technical troop in the Bundeswehr Training Center in Munster from 1964 to 1970. In 1970, I progressed to study business administration and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne in 1973. I then embarked on an eight-year career at BONNFINANZ AG (1974-1982), where I started as an assistant to the board of directors but rapidly progressed to the role of regional director, which allowed me to combine my leadership skills with my business expertise to deliver tangible change.

In 1982 when working for SECURENT GmbH, I took the next step towards founding my own company. As a managing partner, I was both a shareholder and chief decision-maker. As such, I played a pivotal role in this Bavarian firm’s success in the field of investment consulting. In 1990, I founded AVAL AG, where I served as a member of the board for many years, focusing on assets, law, and taxes. In 2019, AVAL became AVT Verbund. As a member of the Executive Board of AVT Verbund, I play a fundamental role in all major business decisions, whereas my son is the firm’s information technology manager. In addition to providing advanced services in general investments and trusts, AVT Verbund also provides expertise in generational advice and the execution of testaments. Our US sister company, AVT-Service, is run under the same name. This means for our clients that there will always be a competent contact person who can share expertise on international asset issues.

About Ruth-Ilse Schadek

Ruth Ilse Schadek was born in 1957. She has a long, established track record at AVAL Verbund and AVT Verbund, having worked for the organization since 1982. She fills her position as assistant to the management with full enthusiasm, and within her role of Head of Accounting and Human Resources she is dedicated to the search for new junior staff.

After completing her secondary education in 1973, she took up her first position at the Bayrische Landesbank. In 1979, she married and moved to Bad Füssing, where she ran a construction component business in collaboration with her then husband. In 1981, she gave birth to a son, and the following year she started at AVAL Verbund. In 1983 she divorced from her husband. In 1989, she married her current husband, Berthold Leo Schadek. This union marked the beginning of one of the most defining periods in her life. From the end of the 90s, she lived mainly in the USA, where she significantly expanded her professional knowledge and gained extensive experience. She developed particular expertise in supporting German clients with their investments in America by exploiting her knowledge of American authorities and the American tax system. In 2008, she moved back to Germany and took over the management of AVT Verbund’s finance department.

About AVT Verbund

This is our philosophy - The corporate foundation of the AVT Group and our unique identity is based on three distinct pillars: competence, experience, and trust. We take the necessary time to offer our customers targeted, reliable, and specialist advice that addresses their unique concerns. In addition to analyzing their insurance and asset contracts, we also assist clients to develop robust strategies that help them protect their finances and ensure the future financial stability of their families. Our services include the annual preparation of private asset balance sheets, advance asset transfer planning, inheritance tax management, and verification of insurance contracts for completeness and necessity. Whether you are concerned about asset, inheritance, or tax issues, you will find an expert for every possible question within the AVT network. Our employees are highly experienced in all nuances of financial management and are fully versed in the latest rules and regulations. We provide holistic solutions and can even visit you at your place of residence.

Along with changing the name of the original AVAL-Verbundes into AVT-Verbund , we invested significantly in the implementation of the latest technologies and tools. As such, we offer innovative solutions through which we can provide you with all the available information in digital form. Due to the cost savings we have accessed as a result of harnessing the powers of technology, especially in the area of tax consulting, digitalization has allowed us to significantly reduce the prices of our services. However, we particularly value close working relationships with our clients and will always seek an opportunity to engage in direct and personal communication where possible.


When was the AVT Verbund founded?

The AVT Verbund was founded in 1995.

What is the position of Berthold Schadek in the AVT Verbund?

Berthold Schadek is the initiator and CEO of the AVT Verbund. His main function is the strategic management of the company as well as the winning of the partners for the AVT Verbund.

What is the industry in which the AVT Verbund is working?

These are the core divisions, the AVT Verbund is working in. 

Property Growth , Retirement Planning, Generation Planning, Emergency Planning

Which companies are part of the AVT Verbund?

The AVT Verbund is decentral organized. It has an international network based on qualified partners. 

AVT GmbH, AVAL Financial Services GmbH, AVT Service Portal Inc., ITextreme, Tax Office Alexander Koch, Advocate Office Dr. Markus Rente

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